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“Scholarship Junkies seeks to make what can seem like a very impersonal process become a more personal one for any student who is applying for scholarships. Not only are students learning to better articulate their life stories and goals through personalized feedback from the SJ Corps, but our SJ Corps Members are also actively ‘paying it forward’ as recent scholarship recipients — and, in the process, helping more students find ways to afford their higher education.”
- Samson Lim, Founder

Our Team

David Coven

President & Executive Director
I live, eat, sleep, and breath building support through the Scholarship Junkies for students across the nation! :)

David is currently the Director and aerodynamics lead of UW's Hyperloop team, a former 2x intern at Tesla, and former 3x intern at Boeing. He is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Brent Schroeter

VP Engineering
Self-motivated computer scientist with a focus in pragmatic challenge discovery and resolution. Crushing barriers for hypersonic transport (UW Hyperloop), financial independence (Scholarship Junkies), and political dialogue (BubbleShift). Working day jobs as a student (UW) and SDE at the fastest growing tech company in the Pacific Northwest (TUNE).

Malachi Williams

Engagement Manager - Dev Ops
A Tacoma, Washington native, Malachi has interned at Tesla, Boeing, and is currently the Director and Composites Lead of UW's Hyperloop Team. He is also pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering.

Now his sights are set on crafting technology that accelerates a completely different purpose - Scholarship Junkies' impact on making higher education affordable!

Paul Gentsch

Engagement Manager - Business Operations
Growing up in Issaquah, Washington, Paul has been near Seattle his whole life. Studying finance at University of Washington, he has experience working for companies like Costco, Rockstar Energy, Instawork, and other startups. He's found scholarships through Alaska Airlines, The Washington Horse Racing Foundation, and more. He's committed to building successful, impactful businesses to realize their full potential.

Jennifer Murillo

Workshop Presenter
I see myself as an unstoppable passionate cultural and self empowerment leader. I believe every story matters, and I live through that motto via Scholarship Junkies. Raised in Eastern Washington, in a small rural town- Othello. Jennifer allocated her resources to pursue her dream of a higher education and quickly understood it was insufficient. With the support from her family she continued into higher education at the University of Washington graduating with a double bachelor's in science. All of this was possible because of the scholarships she won. Today, still with no debt she is continuing her education at the University of California Los Angeles. With plans to continue into medical school. Her mission is to achieve the same support to fellow students.

Nhi Le

Growth Officer
Ngoc Nhi Le was born in Vietnam and raised in Georgia. She graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and a BS in Materials Science and Engineering. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Nhi is in school due to the generosity of many wonderful people and organizations, including: the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate Engineering Research Scholar.

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