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Scholarship Junkies is determined to provide any individual seeking scholarship help with the best possible assistance and guidance. As such, we are seeking the best group of individuals, equally determined to help Scholarship Junkies meet this mission.

Available Positions

  • Scholarship Junkies Corps
  • Operations - SJ
  • Don't see something we need? Make your own!
  • Designer
  • Video Media Production
  • Operations - SF
  • Social Media Management
  • Finance
  • Workshop Presenter

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The goal of Scholarship Junkies is to connect students who have won scholarships with students who are applying for scholarships in an effort to help them successfully fund their higher education. More than just providing the tools for achieving scholarship success, Scholarship Junkies strives to help students learn how to best articulate their talents, skills, and life stories through their own personal scholarship application process.

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No ads, no subscriptions. We believe in free access to higher education for everyone in the US. We rely on our community of volunteers and donors. Help us continue to keep our resources free!