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Pathways to Success

The internet is chock full of great (and free!) scholarship databases, and at Scholarship Junkies, our goal is to complement the scholarship opportunities you find to help you become even more competitive an applicant. With the multitude of online scholarship databases though, it’s important to beware of scholarship scams and websites that simply want to steal your personal information. As such, always remember: you should NEVER pay for a scholarship (i.e. fees for processing scholarship applications, etc.).

Highly Recommended Scholarship Resources

Our Scholarship Junkies around the country have used dozens of online scholarship websites, and here’s our collective list of the top online national scholarship resources (besides Scholarship Junkies, of course):

The goal of Scholarship Junkies is to connect students who have won scholarships with students who are applying for scholarships in an effort to help them successfully fund their higher education. More than just providing the tools for achieving scholarship success, Scholarship Junkies strives to help students learn how to best articulate their talents, skills, and life stories through their own personal scholarship application process.

Resources for Undocumented Students and Non-U.S. Citizens

For more info, please check out our scholarship info page for undocumented students and non-U.S. citizens. Also check out the Beyond Dreaming Scholarship List, with over 300 scholarships for undocumented students.

A Note About Scholarship Scams

Always double check to make sure the site you are using is legal and legitimate. If you suspect it might be a scholarship scam, do not provide any personal information and stop using it immediately. If you are not sure, check with your counselors and advisors or send us a note with a link to the resource in question at

Additional Steps to Maximizing Your Scholarship Resources

Equally important, you should make sure to check with your college or university to see what scholarships they offer as well. Make every effort to apply for any and every scholarship opportunity available. There is a tremendous wealth of information on the internet about scholarships, and we’re doing our best to consolidate it all to make Scholarship Junkies your one stop portal to scholarship opportunities. For more opportunities, you can always “like” our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter (@scholarshipkeys). You can also check out our list of Major Scholarships page to learn more about our insider’s guide and tips to some of the most competitive national scholarships.

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