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Scholarship Junkies has presented to audiences from Washington to Illinois to North Carolina and mentored dozens of students from around the United States. Scholarship Junkies motivates students to achieve their best through engaging workshops and presentations on the secrets to obtaining scholarships and college success.


All of the Scholarship Junkies presenters speak from personal and professional experience and work with scholarship coordinators and organizations to ensure that presentations are informative, interactive, and entertaining. Students are captivated by the presentations and relate well to the message from Scholarship Junkies only a few years older than themselves.

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Scholarship Junkies, non-profit social venture, and all of our proceeds earned from workshops and presentations go directly to maintaining the website, and keeping our essay feedback services free. We understand the tight budgets schools and organizations face in today’s economy though, so we sometimes offer in-kind workshops too (determined on a case-by-case basis).

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