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College is hard. Paying for it doesn't have to be. We focus on helping you write powerful stories to win your dream scholarship and get into college. We help you find, apply, and write the best essays with our free one on one essay mentorship from individuals who've won millions.

Earn your dream scholarship.

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1. Plan

Research your scholarship and plan your application essay.

2. Draft

Start putting your thoughts into words - this is only a draft.

3. Submit

Submit your drafts and we’ll review them for free. We also review personal statements.

4. Revise

Free one-on-one feedback, editing, and revision to strengthen your story.

5. Apply

Be confident in your refined essay and submit the scholarship or application.

Start Over

Think your essay needs a bit more work? Submit again and we'll take another look.

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Workshops & Events

We hold mentorship workshops and various speaking events across the country to inspire students to go for that dream scholarship.


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Scholar Fund Coming Soon!

Funding college with your own hands.
Scholar Fund is the kickstarter for scholarships.

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"Help me study art this fall at UW"
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"Help me study computer science this fall at UW"
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"Help me study education this fall at UW"
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