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Our Mission

To provide free, top quality support for anyone striving to access higher education.


Our Vision

A nation without financial barriers to higher education.


How we'll get there

We connect students who have won scholarships with students who are applying for scholarships in an effort to help them successfully fund their higher education. More than just providing the tools for achieving scholarship success, Scholarship Junkies strives to help students learn how to best articulate their talents, skills, and life stories through their own personal scholarship application process.

We are a platform, and with that comes ecosystem. We will leverage community partners to provide services that we do not, to offer students a complete roadmap to college success.


Scholarship Junkies was created to provide students with an insider’s guide to the scholarship process from the perspective of students who have recently won scholarships, both locally and nationally. Through articles and scholarship profiles, the information covered includes how to find scholarships, how to choose which scholarships to apply for, how to compile competitive applications, and much more.


Our Free Services

  • Scholarship Essay Revision
  • College App Essay Revision
  • Biweekly Scholarship List
  • Writing Infographics
  • Scholar Fund
  • Q&A Forum
  • Insider's Guide Blog
  • SJ Hosted Community Presentations
  • State-by-State Resource Map
  • GMS Support Program

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